Valentine Manip - Joe, Miley and Logan ft Nick - Marriage proposal
Credit me if you use it :)
Miley/Logan Proposal Manip
requested by 1DAnaCyrus (: i tried,download link below Credit if use :D
joe, miley and nick MANIP
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Logan, Miley and Nick talking manip *REQUESTED*
this was requested by Yukii176 ! Hope you like it!
Manip - Miley and Logan
Credit me if you use it :)
Miley and Logan Manip
got boreddarn it I forgot music oh well : /DL: later...
Logan and Miley | Manip
This is a manip for a contest.I hope it looks good. I made it in 5 minutes ......
Demi, Joe, Nick, Selena, Miley, & Logan Bonfire Talk Manip {Requested}
I tried uploading this last night but I had forgotten to pitch the song, so here it is. :)...
Miley and Selena Fight ft Logan Manip
I kinda like this one, and this only took an hour. Anyway, i hope you like it.-Elly...
Logan & Miley Manip
ok kein HD hoffe die gefällt euch auch...
[[Manip]] : Nick/Selena/Demi/Miley/Joe
;dCredit me if you use :)
Logan and Miley ♥ manip #4
haha i can't stoooooooop XD I LOVE THEM TOGETHER, but i'm still a big niley fan haha....
Manip - Nick and Miley
Credit me if you use it :)...
Joe and Miley manip ,
Credit if you use. Made by TrintsuKiishu2 ( )Download link :
Logan and Miley ♥ manip #3
haha i love this ♥ they're soooo cute together!...
miley & logan manip
hi its elisin124 & i made a liley manip. i find them really cute and if you want more manips tell me. DL: soonrequest for more manips...
Logan and Miley Tv Manip
WATCH IN HD 720pMy first manip...