Trunk Eyes part 20
IT'S DONE and i'm very proudhere's raggedsendspace link:
Trunk Eyes Part 24
for dave!!! hope the greens are okay HAHA,,,sendspace:
trunk eyes part 26
for myselfignore the weird jumpiness/color change at some parts idk whats up with thatalso im going on vacation tomorrow and ill be gone for a week. i will bring my computer but idk how much ill be on it, so i might not see your messages. sorry!...
【Trunk Eyes - Part 9】
Sendspace:【♦WHERE TO FIND ME ONLINE♦】♦Patreon:♦♦Deviantart:♦♦Twitter:♦♦Tumblr:♦
trunk eyes map part
i mixed oras and pokespe kinda :3cpart for daves map go look at it
trunk eyes part 29
for birdpunki'm vry proud of this, i had to reference a lot of lion anatomy considering saaceets have the bone structures of a typical lion. eh maybe took me about 2-4 hours
trunk eyes part 28
Trunk eyes map part 16
My part for Birdpunk's map My first ever map part ever! and i am so proud of this :Dtook me about four days to do ;; hope i did ok~Kira (purple eyes) and Maple (blue eyes) Are characters in my comic "everything changes"
trunk eyes part 13 [REMAKE]
final remake of this part yaysorry for reupload i had to fix a major error...
trunk eyes
characters belong to shadow...
Trunk Eyes MAP part 18
Omg im so happy with this!My apologies for it being so late, i managed to recover a few of the files and tried to work with them but it was too hard so i had to start over :/ but its finally done! I dont own the songThe characters (Sky and Brokenstep......
Trunk Eyes
Provided to YouTube by Warner Music GroupTrunk Eyes · Man ManLife Fantastic (Deluxe Edition)℗ 2011 Anti, Inc.Auto-generated by YouTube....
trunk eyes map part 10 redo
was unhappy with my old one so I redid itFor birdpunk yeaah. sendspace
trunk eyes (remake)
i animated all of this at school instead of doing my work. what a bad boyold:
TRUNK EYES//part 10 for birdpunk
I wanted to finish this within a week of getting the part but owELLsorry that there are so many colours ehh. the flames are supposed to match their eye colour and I just yeah, im still pretty proud of this one pretty surprised I got a part in......
woah an actual map partfor my good ol pal dave this looks really rushed so i might redo it...
Trunk Eyes MAP
Here it is done! I hope you like it~ umu...
Trunk Eyes WIP
Heyyy a WIP againI'm almost at 3K subs so expect a milestone vid out soon!!! as well as an update vid ;0000Characters are mine and Ser (Whiskermoon)'s sonas, in their 'mega evolved' forms. We're finally fighting to the deathMAP:
Man Man - Trunk Eyes
Not mine! Copyrights for this song belong to the one, the only, Man Man band! If they want me to take it down... Well, that'll be a damn shame, 'cause everybody deserves to hear it. All the same... Enjoy....