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Thanks a lot for 1200 subs! Sorry for lé inactivity lately.Anyways a little OCE for ya boys :)Peace!Editor: Tomayto G-Eazy - Jack Skellington
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Hey guys, probs my best OCE yet! Hope you enjoy and thanks for 0.1k! TAP DAT LIKE BOTTON! (Giveaway results will be tomarrow, Monday)0.1k Giveaway - Crums Episode 2 -
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Hey guys i hit this shot i little while ago but its really fucking sick and this sick editor got first on we play you edit for SoaR Studios and i just had to upload so yeah sub that beast here thanks for 500......
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Yo guys! here is my first oce...This edit is soo sick!Pls leave a like and subscribe if you are not!Thanks so much AereLz!!!!!...
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Well Thanks for 500 Subs! Thats Amazing ;) I love all my Active Subs :)Can I get 50 Likes for this Sick Edit ;) (Thats only 10% of my Subs :O)Editor: Cali Dreamin - kid ink...
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IRL OCE quick edit...
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A little late but i thought i'd get this done as a thanks for 100 subs :)Go check out the editors channel too :) :
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heres a quick oce i made, took me around roughly 2 hours, i'm really sorry for the inactivity recently i havent uploaded in 3 weeks, and i usually hate not uploading, but rn school is very overwhelming with work and just really tiring, hopefully you......
SoaR Rizky | Thanks for 5k OCE! by SoaR Rackz
Hey guys, *READ BELOW*Just a heads up this is not the only thing im doing for 5k, please leave a comment on what else I should do!! This was meant to be a 2ce but one of the clips wasn't working on rackz' ae so i just kept it like this :) Rackz did a......
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250 likes? I just wanted to thank everybody for 7000 subscribers it really means alot!! i'm going to do my best to bring my next episode out and im going to make it sick! Check DNL out! (Sick editor)
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WOO so lately I've been into KHR like SOO much--one of my favorite shows EVERRRRR officially, and 2nE1's new album, annnd I was thinking about making something for you guys, so in the end I smushed them all together into this...THING xDDD. And if any......
GTA 5 - OCE For Ciromasters THANKS FOR 300!!!
Song : Band Of Horses - The Funeral (Sound Remedy Remix)
OCE Black Ops 3 | Thanks For 600
معليش طول الوقت اقطع و ارجع بس ان شاء الله رجعه افضل يا رب المقطع فيه اغاني الهم اني بلغت اللهم فاشهدDon't Forget Like Fev SubSkype:xempiirzzID PS3 :Na_14xFifa ID : xEmpiiRzTwitter:
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I really want to thank you guys for 3k guys :') it really means a lot to me!I got a lot of requests about making a Class Setup so I made it for you guys :)I also Joined Psyqo 2 days ago and I'm so happy atm :DD My friend made a sick OCE with my first......
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guys thanks for 1k honestly it means so much! and i basicly made this video to show you guys a nice little creative spot to go for online off the crane :) if anyone hits this online i will box you & add you.Song: Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know......
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yo guys, first of all ide like to say thanks for 900 subscribers:) and ill be starting to be active once again, this is a sick 2 piece oce i hit for the sb squad rc. ive got a few things planned for a 1k week including a irl vid:O but hope you enjoy......
{MMD{ Thanks for 1200 subs~! *LINK* - YouTube
A little different to how I usually go about doing my 'Thanks for ___ subs' but hey, it's okay 8D So yeah I edited Len and gave him a few new sliders so if you want to download him you can here~ I also include......