Talk by Barbara Rossetti Ambros at Stanford University
Barbara Rossetti Ambros: "On Talking Terms with Mihotokesama: Material and Bodily Practices of a Jōdo Shin Healer"MARCH 1, 2018Stanford University...
Talk at Stanford University
His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa gives a talk at Stanford University, "Caring Connections: Compassion, Technology and the Environment". This is the 1st stop at a major university during His Holiness' American tour 2015....
Talk by Khenchen Sodargye at Stanford University
"The Popularity of Tibetan Buddhism in China Today"NOVEMBER 20, 2014for more information, visit:
Talk by Alexandra Kaloyanides at Stanford University
Alexandra Kaloyanides: "Objects of Conversion, Relics of Resistance"MAY 18, 2017 at 6:00PMfor more information on talk:
Talk by Zemaryalai Tarzi at Stanford University
"Recent Excavations at Bamiyan – 2002–2012"MARCH 13, 2014 for more information:
Talk by Bernard Faure at Stanford University
Bernard Faure: "Giving the gods their due: Looking back at Japanese religion"FEBRUARY 4, 2016 - 6:00PMLEVINTHAL HALL, STANFORD HUMANITIES CENTER
Talk by Lothar Ledderose at Stanford University
"Writing on Mountains to Save the World"MARCH 2, 2017For more information visit:
Talk by Alicia Turner at Stanford University
Alicia Turner: "The Most Democratic Monastery: Religious Difference and Indifference in Colonial Burma"OCTOBER 20, 2016 -6:00PM TO
Talk by Reiko Ohnuma at Stanford University
Reiko Ohnuma: "When Animals Speak: Speaking Animals in the Pāli Jātakas"OCTOBER 5, 2017 -5:30PM TO 7:00PMLEVINTHAL HALL, HUMANITIES CENTERPlease visit hcbss website for more information:
Talk by Bhante Buddharakkhita at Stanford University
JUNE 5, 2014 -7:30PM TO 9:00PMVenerable Bhante Buddharakkhita will discuss how he got interested in Buddhism and his lifestyle as a Buddhist monk in Africa. Also, he will discuss his interesting yet challenging work of introducing Buddhism to African......
Talk by David Loy at Stanford University
David Loy: "The Ethics of Wealth: Buddha and the Green Goo: How Much is Too Much?"MAY 2, 2013...
Talk by Richard Salomon at Stanford University
"Retrieving the Buddhist Canon at Bamiyan"January 30, 2014for more information:
Talk by Ajahn Viradhammo at Stanford University
Venerable Ajahn Viradhammo: "Reflections on a Monastic Life"Abstract:Ajahn Viradhammo will speak on his experiences as a monk in Thailand, England, New Zealand and Canada. His reflections will include his own insights in the practice of Buddha-Dhamm......
Talk by Charles Orzech at Stanford University
"Liturgy, Icon, and Text in the Development of Esoteric Buddhism"FEBRUARY 16, 2017For more information, please visit:
Talk by Susan Whitfield at Stanford University
"Understanding Buddhist Art : Buddhism and Trade on the Eastern Silk Road"FEBRUARY 8, 2014for more information:
Talk by Paul Groner at Stanford University
"What Did It Mean to Be Ordained in Medieval Japanese Tendai?"MAY 12, 2016for more information visit:
Talk by Ester Bianchi at Stanford University
Ester Bianchi's talk: "Teaching Tibetan Buddhism in Chinese on behalf of Mañjuśrī: The case of the Larung gar Five Sciences Buddhist Academy in Sertar"FEBRUARY 21, 2017...
Talk by Christian Wedemeyer at Stanford University
“Rhetorics of Solidarity in Mahāyāna Sūtra Literature, or 'You're So Vain, I Bet You Think This Sūtra is About You'”DECEMBER 1, 20166:00PM TO 7:30PMSTANFORD HUMANITIES CENTER, LEVINTHAL HALL...
Talk by Jowita Kramer at Stanford University
Jowita Kramer: "Sthiramati and his Proofs of the Validity of the Mahāyāna"DECEMBER 8, 2016for information, please
Talk by Jason Neelis at Stanford University
Jason Neelis: "Moving Narratives – Transmission of Avadānas and Jātakas in Gandharan Texts and Images"APRIL 28, 2016for more information: