Standard Flat Clay Roof Tiles 1/35 scale Silicon Rubber Mould Review
a another mould from dioramas debris this standard flat clay roof tile in 1/35 scale a extremely plain tile but very effective
Spanish Barrel Roof Tile 1/35 scale Silicon Rubber Mould Review
Another excellent silicon rubber mould diorama debris
1/35 scale brick piers Silicon rubber mould Review
This is a look at another mould from diorama debris this mould creates brick piers 13 inch,, 18 inch and 27 Inch All in excellent detail Link to Diorama Debris
1/35 Scale Stone Wall Blocks Silicon Rubber Mould REVIEW
Here we have another silicon rubber mould from dioramadebris in 1/35 scale this particular mould was purchased for my road to the Rhine a dioramas that I have been building for a while now
1/35 scale Slate Tiles, Mould (Review)
Review on this silicon rubber mould to cast roofing slates for 1/35 scale
1/35 scale Silicon Rubber Mould For Concrete Lintels & sills (REVIEW)
A look at another mould from diorama debris concrete lintels and sills These are for Forming up The openings for Windows and doors
1/35 Scale Pier Caps and Wall Copings Silicon Rubber Mould Review
Another brilliant mould from diorama debris this mould consists of Pier caps and wall copings Plus many other applications for this little mouldLink to diorama debris
Pan tiles And Spanish Roof Tiles In 1/35 scale
In this video I run through casting Pan tiles, Spanish roof tiles hopefully you can pick up a few tips to make it easier on yourselves when you actually come to Cast these parts yourself
1/16 scale UK Standard Size Bricks (Mould Review)
A look at this 1/16 Brick mould From diorama debris the first one of many that I'll be reviewing over the next few days...
Product review: Gero Design roof tiles & Westwall diorama set in 1/35 scale
Please activate the English subtitles if you do not understand German.Anscheinend hat meine Expertise zu dem Diorama-Zubehör, das mir Gero Design zur Bewertung geschickt hat, gefallen, denn kürzlich habe ich eine weitere Lieferung erhalten.Dieses Mal......
1/12 scale UK Standard Size Bricks (mould Review )
A quick review on this 1/12 brick mould...
1/35 scale Door And Window Surrounds (Mould Review)
A little bit of a different review the review is of My moulds that I have created to work with the Miniart house accessory set
Clay Roof tiles manufacturing process
This video shows the general manufacturing process of clay roof tiles and the handmade process of clay roof tile accessories by Santafe Clay Roof Tiles 1-888-305-TILE...
Cool Roof Technology_Hollow Clay Tiles
This cool roof technology was demonstrated under the Cool Roof and Passive Ventilation project, implemented by TARU Leading Edge Pvt. Ltd. This project has been supported by The Rockefeller Foundation under the ACCCRN programme (Asian Cities Climate......
Brick Sections 1/35 scale In Stretcher Bond Mould Review
Another silicon rubber mould from diorama debris a very nice mould and will have a lot of uses this
GYMflor™ vs standard rubber floor tiles
ESP's GYMflor™ IMPACT reduces the energy of dropped weights by up to 68%, minimising noise and vibration and protecting the subfloor structure...