Smartwatch MyKronoz ZeRound -
Smartwatch MyKronoz ZeRound -
MyKronoz ZeRound smartwatch hands-on
Swiss manufacturer MyKronoz have launched ZeRound, their €99 smartwatch...
Exclusive First Look at MyKronoz ZeRound Smartwatch
Swiss company MyKronoz is coming out with the ZeRound watch in March. We take a first look at this smartwatch. Tip Me: http://www.geekazine.comMember of Maker Max:
Smartwatch MyKronoz ZeRound - Unboxing & Review in limba romana
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MyKronoz ZeRound, ZeSport
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Test Mykronoz Zeround FR
Petite vidéo qui sort du lot mais j'espère qu'elle vous plaira quand même! Si c'est le cas n'hésitez pas à liker et à vous abonner !--Me suivre--Twitter:
MyKronoz ZeRound - Erste Probleme
This video shows bugs I recognized.***********************************************************************************************************************************************My Blog: Youtube-Channel: https://www.youtu......
Montre Connectée Mykronoz ZeRound
Montre connectée Bluetooth Zeround de marque MyKronoz. Écran tactile idéal pour naviguer entre les différentes fonctions. Nombreuses fonctionnalités : microphone, haut parleur, moniteur de sommeil, rapport d'activité, etc. Compatible iOS8 et Android......
MyKronoz ZeCircle smartwatch
MyKronoz ZeCircle smartwatch te koop bij
Smartwatch MyKronoz ZePhone
Krótki przegląd funkcji i aplikacji dostępnych na smartwatchu MyKronoz ZePhone...
My Kronoz ZeRound Smartwatch
My Kronoz ZeRound Smartwatch available now @
MyKronoz ZeRound preview • | MWC 2016
Il Mobile World Congress 2016 di Barcellona non è basato solo su smartphone e tablet. MyKronoz produttore Europeo di smart device porta alla fiera catalana la line-up pensata per il 2016.Scopriamo MyKronoz ZeRound...
MyKronoz ZeTime hybrid smartwatch
This is the world's first watch with both mechanical hands and full tft touchscreen. I bought it in their kickstarter campaign back in March 2017 and i am pretty happy about it.The video at the end stops suddenly because my SD card was full :)....
Recensione Smartwatch ZeCircle MyKronoz
Benvenuti alla mia prima recensione sullo Smartwatch ZeCircle MyKronoz dopo sei mesi di utilizzo.Se avete consigli su come migliorare per una prossima recensione scrivetemeli nei commenti....
MyKronoz ZeSplash2 Smartwatch Productvideo
MyKronoz ZeSplash2; Meer informatie of bestellen? Ga dan naar: een flinke regenbui hoef jij niet meer bang te zijn dat je nieuwe smartwatch kapotgaat, want de MyKronoz ZeSplash2 is spatwaterbestendig. Ontvang notificaties van......
MyKronoz Academy - ZeRound - Tutorial - EN
**MyKronoz Academy - ZeRound Tutorial**Watch ZeRound video tutorial to help you get started with our activity and sleep tracking smartwatch- What’s in the box- # 1: Charging- # 2: Setting up- # 3: Navigating- # 4: Updating- # 5: FeaturesWant to know......
MyKronoz ZeWatch BlueTooth Smartwatch
Links For MobileFunhttp://www.mobilefun.com Reviewed: Link:
MyKronoz ZeBracelet Smartwatch Overview
This is the unboxing and testing video of MyKronoz ZeBracelet Smartwatch. Buy on Amazon: full review at
MyKronoz ZeWatch2 Smartwatch Unboxing
ZeWatch2 is a smartwatch that keeps you connected to your phone via Bluetooth. On incoming calls, ZeWatch2 rings and vibrates, displaying the caller number and/or contact on its OLED screen. You can easily answer or reject calls thanks to its intuiti......