Sacred WaW Teamtage [REACTION]
The Boys are back in town
Sacred WaW Teamtage
See you guys on WW2Editor:
Sacred - Teamtage Before 2nd Crusade [REACTION]
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Sacred WWII Teamtage #2 [MONTAGE REACTION]
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~ Teamtage ~ : 2 (WaW)
WaW w/ IBurJust clearout clips, so no Pcy clantag and gt.Editor : us to stay updated about our content :
Sacred MW2 Teamtage
So here it is our first reaL TT hope you enjoy Follow us: editor:
Vendetta Teamtage! WaW Only!
[500+ LIKES!?] [Watch in HD] HOORAAH! I Hope you guys really enjoy this, make sure to leave a like and a comment because allot of effort has been put into this, at the end of the day we do this for you guys so show your support by commenting, liking......
Sacred CoD4 Teamtage
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Sacred WWII Teamtage
First WWII video Editor:
Amyst | APOCALYPSE | WaW Teamtage
**OPEN DESC**IT'S HERE!!!Hey guys this a kinda secret project we have been working on, it was supposed to be out on the 21st but we couldn't wait to get this out!First things first sub the editors they did an amazing job.Intro: Openion : http://youtu......
Sacred - Noscoping Teamtage
Hope you guys enjoy this one. It's been in the works for a while now and TekMx did a great job on the edit. Also, turn on notifications if you like our stuff. YouTube and Twitter suck lately when it comes to getting our videos out to people who want......
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SnipersLR | Teamtage #55 (Cod4/WaW)
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Sacred Acog/Thermal Teamtage
We had a lot of fun making this -- still just Second Crusade leftovers, but it's nice to switch it up from the normal multi-cod teamtages every now and then.We have another special teamtage in the works along with a couple more normal multi-cod teamt......
very big acqua mammal a rapist!Chad : us :@Stekyyy@ZeltaPz@eXP_KING@Pewwi...
Sacred WWII Teamtage #2
Lots more projects still in the works. See you guys on BO4Editors:
Sacred - CoD4 Teamtage [MONTAGE REACTION] @Donagni @zDutty @lFirst_ @lLogz
The Team to be in is BACK!!!#SacredLogzOriginal-**DONATIONS**➤ my Patreon- Subscribe: Twitch:......
Nova: Teamtage #30 - BO1 & WaW Special
Whats up guys! How are you guys doing on this wonderfull friday. This is out 30th Teamtage so we decided to do a BO1 and WaW Special! We hope you guys will enjoy! Check out the editor below!Editor:eX Woot: c......
Sacred Sniping Teamtage Ep. 2
Hey guys heres our 2nd teamtage please like or fav if you enjoyed & stay tuned for an amazing Triple Tage by Sacred Pio, Screamz & Ei8 Songs: Deaf Havana - Smiles All Around &Coldrain - Final DestinationVisit their w......