PAX East 2016 | ep. 55
Episode 55: PAX East 2016⇢ Previous Vlog:▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻APRIL 22-24, 2016PAX came up in the blink of an eye... and it was gone just as quickly. :( Post-PAX depression is hitti......
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PAX East 2016
Hi! Hope you enjoy the video! I'm still learning how to vlog!!LDShadowLady and Smallishbeans vlog attending PAX East 2016! We meet some internet friends we've never met IRL before like SlyFoxHound and Aphmau! I do a panel with MattShea, Jinbop, TheG......
pax east 2016!
heres our trip to pax east this year! thanks to everyone who said hi!!music from
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Pax East 2016
It was my first time recording from a con and i didnt make it as much of a VLOG as i would of liked it to be, but i hope you guys enjoy it! ^_^ Remember to Subscribe! ^_^Social Media:
PAX East 2016
PAX East 2016! I was at PAX East this year located in Boston, and I had the best experience of my life! I met so many of you and made so many new friends. I'm so inspired by the amount of support and from being around so many great creators. Thank yo......
PAX EAST 2016!
Sorry that its all over the place, still hope you enjoy! Be sure to leave a like and subscribe if you aren't already! its very much appreciated :DHere is a list of some of the people I saw! (Sorry if I left anyone out I swear it wasn't intentional!)......
PAX East: 2016
This event was some of the best days of my life. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did making it.Thank you especially for making these days amazing:Little info before the people-Shot on: Canon T6i (w/ Guerrilla pod attached)Songs: (in order)Th......
PAX East 2016
PAX East 2016 Boston vlog!Enjoy the video? Click here to subscribe! me on Twitch to catch my live streams: Box info (Please don’t send anything to give to my brother, lol) Pungence YouTubePO......
PAX East 2016 (Vlog)
Amazing time as always at PAX in Boston! Check out the list of games I filmed below:OverwatchQuantum BreakWorld of TanksLawbreakersHeadmasterRatchet and ClankStar Fox ZeroOutlast IISONG: Fallen - Dathan x Fransis Derelle remixTwitch:
PAX East 2016 Swag
Justin unboxes a bunch of the swag obtained at the 2016 PAX East. So much swag was revealed that the camera shut off 80% of the way through.
PAX East 2016 Recap
Awesome meeting some of you guys! Instagram ► ► Used by TobuTobu:
Pax East 2016 Coverage
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PAX East 2018 | ep. 103
Episode 103: PAX East 2018⇢ Previous Vlog:▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻ ▻APR. 05-08, 2018PAX. PAX. PAX. As if it wasn't great enough already, PAX East is officially four days instead of three......
PAX East 2016 Cosplay
Here's a bunch of cosplayers that I shot and edited together. Music used:"Clash Defiant" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License is the Friday date. Here's......
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PAX East 2016 VLOG
My PAX East Recap Video -Music: - STREAM - out ASTRO Gaming & Their Products!
PAX East 2016-2018
Set three years after the events of PAAAAAAX (PAX East 2015), witness the events that led to the rise and fall and rise of 100% real cheese. Luke's channel:'s channel: