Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 3 | Albatros
To the skies in what promises to be an agile and somewhat tanky design! Bot used: Albatros by OojuinFactory Fun Playlist: - - - - - - - - - - - -......
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 5 | Eclipse Mk. 3
To the skies yet again, but now to heal and aid our allies rather than bring destruction to the foes! Never underestimate the power of a well placed medic. Bot used: Eclipse Mk. 3 User: mithrilwarrior11Factory Fun Playlist:
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 24 | Chinchilla
Bouncy plasma is best plasmaBot used: Chinchilla ------------------------ User: RULERULTAMISFactory fun playlist: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -......
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 25 | Debugger
Today I came to a revelation: Mega SMGs still hurt.. Bot used: Debugger ------------------------ User: BinaryFluctuationFactory fun playlist: -......
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 16 | Spike
Another low ranking bot today, and this is an odd one indeed! Bot used: Spike ------ Creator: c0l0ssus Factory fun playlist: - - - - - - - - - -......
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 40 | Ripper
Finally the randomizer blesses us with a lower ranking bot! Quote of the episode: "Hi, I'm Lathy!.. Lathy the Lathland, tehe!" Bot used: Ripper ------------------------ User: jrm1973Factory Fun Playlist:
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 27 | Chester
An adorable if a bit frail plane for today's episode, now to give it to someone used to very tanky fliers and does not understand situational awareness. Bot used: Chester ------------------------ User: iiJesterFactory fun playlist: https://www.youtu......
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 37 | Shark!
Splish Splish I'm a Fish Bot used: Shark! ------------------------ User: BlockfreezerFactory fun playlist: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -......
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 22 | LoadedQuarrel
A bit of an odd one today, a type of bot I'm not very used to and perhaps with a few weakspots - A unique experience indeed! Bot used: LoadedQuarrel ------------------------ User: xTheCharred7519xFactory fun playlist:
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 23 | DSS - Corruptor
Time for a bit of memory lane, with a bot that reminds Lathrix of the very old school thrustersticks! Bot used: DSS - Corrupter ------------------------ User: Skilledscout Factory fun playlist:
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 9 | TRILOMITE MK6
Time to test out a bit of an odd mix of heavy block usage, shields, and hovers with a few skis to boot! Please note this video was taken literally hours before I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with pneumonia (again..) so expect a bit of a stra......
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 4 | Sniper Scarab
We take to the skies, and walk on the land with a bit of lower tier rail fun! I found out afterwards that the ranking of this bot came mostly from its Mk7 guns! Bot used: Sniper SCARAB User: Cdr_origamiFactory Fun Playlist:
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 2 | Healing Thunder!
A second episode of Factory fun, this time with a bot from the lovely user who left the very first comment on part 1! Let's see if this bot is truly as fast as lightning! Bot used: Healing Thunder User: PlasticExplodeFactory Fun playlist: https://w......
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 38 | X-Sniper
X marks the spot! The proto-seeker spot, apparently.. obviously! Bot used: X-Sniper ------------------------ User: Sattan_666 Alienware bot Factory fun playlist:
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 18 | Marveric Mech
Less than 1000 Ranking, It's time to go back to the lowest ranks! Bot used: Marveric Mech -------- Creator: M4XDGamesFactory fun playlist: - - -......
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 33 | Fifty-Seven
Common designs are not always a bad thing, though often seen this is normally due to their devastating effectiveness! Bot used: Fifty-Seven ------------------------ User: Bacon_Grenades No forum link as the problem with hovers is now fixed!!Factory F......
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 32 | Enforcer Twin
The simple fun of a laser/smg tank is hard to dislike! Bot used: Enforcer Twin ------------------------ User: RavesorFactory fun playlist: - - -......
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 41 | Red Herring
Another lower ranking bot against higher ranking enemies, let the match making fun begin!Bot used: Red Herring ------------------------ User: MooMooMe42Factory Fun Playlist:
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 29 | The Airwall
Redundancy and blockspam come together in an unholy seal-clubbing abomination of the skies! Bot used: The Airwall ------------------------ User: Mechwarrior_11Factory fun playlist:
Robocraft |Factory Fun| Part 19 | Companion Cube
Healing for the people who are still alive!Bot used: Companion Cube -------- Creator: Wilberoo Factory fun playlist: - - - - - - - - - - - - - -......