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One of my best vids clips and editing-wiseNot using mw2 for rhyTwitter: Rhy (My Team)YouTube:
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GET ME TO 700 LIKES..Hope yall niggas enjoyed.. if not then o well.. using closer.. the bounce and I wanna rehit terminal LolMaoSong: Chris Brown - Kiss Kissthnx 4 watchingpcee.....
FSN | Recent Shit !
Jgo en vacances pas d upload pendant pas mal de temps je pense profitez bien !Twitter: arnaud.bertomeu92...
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some shots that i hit in the last weekShots:1. snac-snac-adelia-adelia-reloadnac 2. 3x rt-predetor switch-zoomload3. inter snac-inter reloadnac-spas 12 reloadnac-weaponswitch4. snac-adelia-adelia-mnac...
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song : :
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Recent Shit #1
Just some stuff from the past 2 weeks, i'm only using the A sui shot becuase i failed my offshore sui and my other carrier sui was just barrel :/. I might be getting a 2station soon so i might be hitting more often. #SilverFearsTwitter: www.twitter.c......
PsyQo Kiqs : Recent Shit @.@
1 like = 1 htm en plus pour Lyqs :)Im not that lucky at this moment....
Fsn: Recent Shit 2 !
A little change, I'm also a player so I've decided to not upload an edit but a few cool clips :)Twitter: arnaud.bertomeu92...
PsyQo Kiqs : "Words" (Recent shit)
Merci à l'éditeur incroyable qu'est Realiz @.@#UnluckyForTheMoment...
highLand: DexeN // recent shit // 18.02.2013
some new stuffContacts:SK : :
Some dooky shit boi - recent shit from today
gucci glocks gucci glocks gucci glocks gucci glocks...
Recent Shit (MW2) w/ a SHOT !
spinning on the left is life.1 Like = 1 More htm for Lyqs...
Recent Shit #7 (Last for Jmas)
Finally hit some shots I like.2nd shot is a way to instaswap that I haven't seen yet.These shots aren't much but I like them, didn't put them in the rc because generic nac nerds get in anyway.Twitter:
highLand: DexeN // recent shit // several maps (24.04.2013)
Contacts:SK : :
Recent Shit #4 (First for TG RC) [KATG]
The two hm's are ct.The carrier shot was during the RC i just forgot to put the ct in :3.Twitter:
Shit & Talk: LoN, Aelves, Nurgle, DnD and recent Games
Hi folks I am out bush but pre recorded this before I left....