Papago GoSafe 30G sneak peak
In this video I take a look at Papago GoSafe 30G with a sneak peak while we were at CES 2017.Shout out to Papago and the team for looking out.Need a dash cam link below to all their stuff.I use it everyday.Link
PAPAGO! GoSafe 30G
PAPAGO! GoSafe 30Gの走行映像です...
PAPAGO! GoSafe 30G
Because viewing footage with precise location and speed can be vital, the Papago GoSafe 30G comes equipped with GPS, and, supports up to 128GB for more than 20 hours of recording before footage loops over. With a 2.7” display screen to view your vide......
PAPAGO! GoSafe 30G(夜編)
PAPAGO!社のGoSafe 30Gで撮影した夜の映像です。たまくま倶楽部:
Dr. Frank - PAPAGO GoSafe 30G (b-roll)
Dr. Frank - PAPAGO GoSafe 30G (b-roll)...
Papago GoSafe 30G Dashcam Unboxing
We Unbox the Papago GoSafe 30G Dashcam which can actually do 1080p at 60fps!Join our Monthly Giveaways on PatreonHere is the link: Out These Other Videos:How To Improve Your Wifi at Home:
Papago GoSafe 30G Dash Cam Review
Papago GoSafe 30G Dash Cam ReviewLink to Purchase: our Monthly Giveaways on PatreonHere is the link: Out These Other Videos:10 Hidden Features of the Galaxy S8 Y......
Dash Cam Review - Papago GoSafe 30G
We check out the top-of-the-line Papago GoSafe 30G dash cam, as well as the TireSafe D10 TPMS sensors. This video shows the recording quality during different driving scenarios. Check out for a full review!...
Papago GoSafe 30G - Sample Footage - 1920x1080 @ 30fps
Sample footage from the new Papago GoSafe 30G dashcam capturing footage at a stead 1920x1080 @ 30fps. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe and leave a like and a comment.Twitter:
PAPAGO! Gosafe 30G 画質検証
※この動画はブログ埋め込み素材として利用しています。メインコンテンツはブログにございます♪PAPAGO! GoSafe 30Gの画質検証をやってみました。ポイントは…◎ GPSが内蔵されている◎ メモリーカード容量は最大128GBまで対応◎ 昼はもちろん夜もノイズが少なくクリアに撮れ......
PAPAGO! GoSafe 30G フルHD 60fps ドラレコ
悪天候の夜間高速道路を走行しましたレビュー通り明るく綺麗に撮影出来ています動画内の警告音は安全機能の出発遅延警告と車線逸脱警告です安全機能については誤検知が多く正直迷惑なのでOFFにしましたみんカラ: @h......
GoSafe 30Gで撮影
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GoSafe 30Gで撮影(夜間)
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GoSafe 30Gの防犯機能(タイムラプス)
本動画は情報配信サイト「ガルマックス」において以下の記事で使用しています。タイトル:GoSafe 30Gレビュー!GPSを内蔵して2万以下の最強ドライブレコーダー!URL: