Nplaim Taws Hlub cover
Napalm Taws Hlub cover *Orignial singer: Yaya Moua**Lyrics revised: PebHmoob DabNeeg...
Nplaim Taws Hlub Smule Cover
I didn't really know the song so I just sang with my instinct hehe enjoy though...
Nplaim Taws Hlub (Cover) J Vang
Song: Nplaim Taws HlubOriginal Singer: Yaya MouaCover: J VangCredit go to KHOSIAB CHANNEL.Produced - Phong Vang
Nplaim Taws hlub - Yaya Moua cover
Created with Sing! Karaoke on Smule -
Nplaim Taws Hlub - Brandon Mars Cover
i listened to the original for about 5 minutes and i thought i decided to cover this song. I hope i did this song justice. I love the feel and sound of the instruments in this song.The original sung by Yaya Moua:
Nplaim taws hlub (Cover) - Shoua Vang
Nplaim taws hlubOriginal Artisit: Yaya MouaCover Artist: Shoua VangMusic credits go to KHOSIAB MUSIC youtube channel.Support me at:
Nplaim Taws Hlub Cover Cheng Kong Her
Lam hu ua si xwb... ua tsaug sawv daws pab mloog...
Nplaim Taws Hlub - Wendy Lee
It's just a short cover. Will do a full cover of it soon....
Nplaim Taws Hlub Unofficial MV
Thanks everyone for helping and also thanks the original artistShare in your fb page so everyone can support us. More follow more video.I am sorry. I use the wrong guy cover. So the guy version that i have in here is J Vang not Xab ThojSpecial thank......