Ninja Fighting Chopsticks from ThinkGeek
Ninja Unboxing - Package from @ThinkGeek out my channel for more gameplay and commentary Twitter Page: TwitchTV Page:
Clocky from ThinkGeek
Flying Alarm Clock is cool, but try chasing down Clocky! Like R2-D2 on acid, Clocky's random turns and dissonant alarm is sure to wake you right up!
SqueezBacon from ThinkGeek
Imported from Sweden! This squeezable smoked pork treat makes anything edible better!
iCade from ThinkGeek
Plumbus from ThinkGeek Artisan Plumbus- What does it do? WHAT DOESN'T IT DO?- Materials: Schleem, dinglepop, fleeb juice, spit, and chumbles- Dimensions: 13" tall x 6" wide x 7" deep - Weight: 1 lb.- Ages 12+- Note: Because all our plu......
Sundial Ring from ThinkGeek
An extremely low tech but high-cool factor way to tell the time. Just ad sunlight! by Bert Jerred...
Music Modem from ThinkGeek music just like you were playing a heap of modems.-Retro synth instrument features dial-up modem sounds!-3 modes, 5 tones, and 8 notes (full octave).-2 x 3.5mm jacks (AUX In and Out) for connecting to other d......
Caliper Pen from ThinkGeek
WiiHelm from ThinkGeek
Attention all you fools! The new headmounted Wii controller exclusively from ThinkGeek.
Kaossilator from ThinkGeek
The coolest gadget ever to noodle out a jam. Dozens of instruments all controlled with a touch-pad mixed together into your own musical creation!
HoverDrone from ThinkGeek
This tiny hovering toy zips around your room, very simple to fly!
SwearJar from ThinkGeek SwearJar- A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive - Encourages you to save by cursing at you when you don't- Think of it as a "motivational speaker"- Ratings Control Knob lets you keep it family-friendly- Choose a G to......
Tablift from ThinkGeek Using four flexible legs, the Tablift tablet stand holds your tablet on uneven surfaces (bed, sofa, etc.) for easy, hands-free viewing- Tablift stand can hold tablet in three different positions for optimal viewi......
Grillbots from ThinkGeek grill-cleaning robot-Cleans both gas and charcoal grills-Suitable for stainless steel, porcelain, cast iron, or expanded steel grills-Even cleans just-used grills, as long as they're under 250° (usually......
Yikerz! From ThinkGeek
Yikerz is a challenging magnetic tile game where the last person to put all their tiles down without snapping 2 or more tiles together wins!
iSOBOT from ThinkGeek
iSOBOT has come to terrorize your town! This fully articulating robot has some moves that will astound you!
RoboFish from ThinkGeek water-activated fish-Swims just like a real fish!-Batteries: 1.5V A76 or LR44 button cell (included, replaceable)-Dimensions: 7.5 cm long-Approx 6 hours of continuous play. Remove from water when done to p......
Scanimation Lamp from ThinkGeek animates animals as it spins, bringing the animals to life-Panels for 9 animals: horse, turtle, dolphin, panther, penguin, dog, butterfly, hummingbird, and monkey-6 colored sides: red, orange, yellow, green,......
Book Light from ThinkGeek Light-Looks like an innocent journal when closed-Open it flat on your desk to read by-Shines one of five colors: white, red, green, blue, and purpleHow to further stalk ThinkGeek: