MKX - Kotal Kahn vs Raiden - NOT A BAD RAIDEN!!
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MKX - Kotal Kahn vs Future Raiden
MKX - PS4acowboy11 (Alien Konjurer) (Kotal Kahn Sun God)vs CCKARNAGE_83 (Predator Hunter)IMPERATOR281 (Sub Zero Grandmaster)Salvador_X12 (Bo Rai Cho Dragon Breath)GOJARANI2 (Erron Black Gunslinger)Shujinkydink (Quan Chi Summoner)johnnycage281 (Ra......
MKX - Kotal Kahn vs Kotal Kahn - WOW!!!
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Mortal Kombat X (PS3, PS4) - Raiden vs Kotal Kahn - Ismerd meg Raiden harcstílusait, miközben Kotal Kahn ellen harcol!Csatlakozz hozzánk Facebookon:
Shao Kahn VS. Raiden Mugen Guy: me on Instagram : page :
MKX - Hypespotting - Nivek(Raiden) vs Madzin(Kotal/Sub-zero)
Source VersusScotlandTwitch -
we did a rematch i won 10-1 i used raiden and he used gm shinnok and mournful...
MKX - Raiden vs Sub Zero - Raiden Styling!
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MKX - Kotal Kahn vs Ranked
MKX - PS4acowboy11 (Kotal Kahn Sun God / Blood God)vsDISRESPECTFUL719 (Triborg Cyrax LK-4D4)RealxEnigma (Goro Dragon Fangs)GhostGamingInc (Triborg Sektor LK-9T9)...
MKX Kotal Kahn vs Kano
I would root for Kano here, but as the game has you play as Kahn, well...MKX is property of Netherrealm studios....
MKX Fan made episodes. Episode three this one is a filler (SKIP TO EPISODE FOUR IF YOU WANT)in this episode Kotal Kahn fights Jason and try's to kill him he was almost success full but fails. Jason kills Kotal Kahn and continues to go around and......
MKX Dark Raiden v Future Raiden
I got an Xbox One yaaasssss and here is my gameplay of mortal kombat x (Roman Numeral) 10... Enjoy...
MKX Scorpion vs Raiden
Very low chance of winning against a player I'd gone up against once before, played as defensive as possible because of the spam I knew was coming.Website: www.spiggan07.comFacebook:
Raiden Vortex MKX
this is pre patch since it was recorded on PC, I don't know the damage it makes on console but the 50/50 pressure still works...