Markku Vahtila pommel horse training 2.3.2015
First time in 3 months my left forearm was good enough to train pommels. It still hurt alot on 1 pommel but it was tolerable.
Ring strength training - Markku Vahtila
Finnish national gymnast Markku Vahtila doing ring strength with the help of his wife Milla. Bach - Keyboard Concerto No. 5 in F minor...
Markku Vahtila, ring training 28.3.2016
Markku Vahtila SR training 25.1.2014
Felt like trying to do a routine, ended up doing a D 6,5 and after that a D 6,6 routine. I was suprised how well they went, being my first routines since last season. And last season I did D 6,4 :)(I don't own the audio track nor do I have rights for......
Markku Vahtila training 27.8.2014 Espoo
Finishing touches on rings 3 days before the Finnish nationals....
Hardcore abs & core training - Markku Vahtila
Markku Vahtila still rings training 10.2.2015
working out with a new routine, dismounts and some strength, music is Mozart's 40th symphony
gymnasts training pommel horse
A short clip shown by Canadian National Coach Edouard Iarov of gymnasts from the 1990s when he coached in France.more videos -
Tuntematon2017 hakuvideo: Markku Vahtila & Milla Vahtila
Veikkaus tarjoaa asiakkailleen ainutkertaisen mahdollisuuden päästä esiintymään Aku Louhimiehen uuteen elokuvaan, Tuntematon sotilas. Voit päätyä kuvauksissa jatkosodan eturintamalle, lotaksi Itä-Suomeen tai vaikka kyläläiseksi Karjalaan.Jätä oma hak......
Markku Vahtila rehabilitating shoulder
It's been 4 months and 2 weeks since the operation, in which they fixed the partially torn supraspinosus tendon as if it had been fully torn, and they also removed the biceps long head from its origin and reattached it to the head of the humerus, so......
Markku Vahtila SR 10.8.2017
My routine from our 2nd qual for Worlds, did not feel easy but yet again my best routine for this season. D 5,5 and scores 13,600. Still over 0,5 to clean up before I can start to feel good with my execution....
Insane rings strength training in Rio - Markku Vahtila
Just doing some ring strength training on my holiday with my wife in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, January 2015.
Pommel Horse - Training Combinations a gymnast has achieved a straight body circle on pommel horse, learning more advanced skills can be accomplished much more quickly. The first video shows an example of moores and spindles. The second vide......
Markku Vahtila bench press 135kg
Tried out my max at bench press, managed to do 135kg. Own weight 66,5kg at the moment 6.6.2015.
Pylon Pommel Horse Training System
Using Norbert's latest: Our new Pylon Pommel Horse Training System. For more information, pricing or to order, please visit
Pommel Horse Daniel Ribeiro Training
Pommel Horse training may 23...
Dylan Young Pommel Horse Training
This is Dylan Young practicing his Pommel Horse at Gymnastics Olympica....
Best of calisthenics - Markku Vahtila
Finnish national team gymnast.Please follow us:
Peaceful Warrior - pommel horse training
Cut scene from Peaceful Warrior movie where Dan(Scott Mechlowicz) is showing his skills on pommel horse(actually performed by his double - Marshall Nelson)...