INFERNO! feat. Bjergsen
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Bjergsen - LE ESCAPES feat. Lustboy
►overlay/outro song: art:
► Caitlyn League of Legends gameplay featuring Bjergsen! ►Edited by NiceTryIan►CREDIT IF USING STREAM VODS (one week old only)
Doublelift - BEST THRESH (feat. BJERGSEN & SWIFTE)
► parts of the Jinx gameplay is a little out of sync in some parts with the audio because of frame dropping issues during the stream. ►Edited by NiceTryIan
Bjergsen - Support Anivia feat. WildTurtl
►song used:
Doublelift - PROJECT VAYNE 2049 (feat. Bjergsen)
► reel of my recent Project Vayne games, and a game with Bjergsen/ Svenskeren. ►Edited by NiceTryIan►MUSIC"A Race Against Time" by PYLOT"What I've Wa......
TSM Bjergsen burns Reginald feat. Doublelift
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Doublelift - SUPPORTING BJERGSEN (feat. Pobelter & Xmithie)
► all your teammates are all LCS pros: Bjergsen, Pobelter, Xmithie, and the legendary Falcon God. ►Edited by NiceTryIan►MUSICLVTHER - Some Kind Of Magic (......
Sickz - INFERNO feat. KARMA
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disco inferno - Funkalister feat
A banda de musica instrumental Funkalister na segunda edição do projeto "Funkalister Convida Cantoras" no bar Opnião...
Inferno feat. Terence Chill
"Iam Legend" onlin Sampler von Assazzeen...
Bjergsen - Biggest Play ever seen feat. Dom
►outro song:
Bjergsen feat. Aphromoo - The Voice of America
►outro song:
Bjergsen tries Taliyah feat. Doublelift & Biofrost - Highlights
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Bjergsen being Bjergsen. (Zed Mechanics)
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Bjergsen Montage 2017 | Bjergsen Highlights | Best Bjergsen Plays 2017
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Vegha - Just Trippy feat. Inferno
Pezzo registrato, mixato e masterizzato al Wholecar Studio.Prima strofa: InfernoSeconda strofa: VeghaTra i link trovi anche dove scaricare il tape di mio fratello InfernoLINKPagina facebook: http://......