Gw2: [qT]/[QA] Arah P2 Duo 7:07 | [Unrestricted]
Justiba PoV: pls dont fix, skips are fun and dont hurt the game!We are Quantify |
Gw2: [QA]/[qT] Arah P2 Duo 7:07 | [Unrestricted]
Good old goating \o/ (and dungeons :D)Fennec: Close - PrismoHUSH - Biometrix ft. Charli BrixTwisted Reality - Unknown Brain & Anna YvetteP.S. Anet please don't fix, noone likes invisible walls ._....
Gw2: [qT] Arah P2 Solo 10:32 | [Unrestricted]
Restricted next, or maybe P3? idkWe are Quantify |
Gw2: [qT] Arah P2 Solo 13:31 | [Unrestricted - All Bosses]
Honestly, it's such a sloppy run that I didn't even want to upload this, but regardless it's the record as far as I know so there you go. Belka and Abom are pretty shit and some skips we're too, but Alphard was fucking magical so that evens it out I......
GW2: Duo Arah P2 16min
Goku Destroys U and Balthor Eisenfaust (
GW2: Arah P2 Daredevil Solo 10:21 [Unrestricted]
I raise you one fancy skip to Abom that doesn't really save much time.New computer so 1080p60fps hypeTime can go sub 10 but I've had enough Alphard for a while I thinkMusic I stole:too lazy atm...
GW2: Duo Arah P2 [10:42]
Ig: Goku Destroys U | Twitch:'s POV : : Tom Day - Who We Want To Be Tom Day - Echoes...
GW2: Duo Arah P2 [14:57]
semi casual (bad) run, we will do a better time soon but Abe is a noob -_-...
Gw2: [qT] Arah P3 Duo 7:33 | Mesmer PoV [Restricted]
bad memes about restricted incDeathly's PoV:
GW2: Solo Arah P2 27min
IG: Goku Destroys U23min here :
GW2: Solo Arah P2 23min
IG: Goku Destroys UTime: 23:57Belka: 1:33Abomination: 2:55Lupicus: 4:42Alphard: 4:09Brie: 1:17...
GW2: Duo Arah P3 12min
10-11min is doable but we will probably try do do duo P2 insteadGoku Destroys U and Balthor Eisenfaust (
Gw2 [qT] Arah P3 Duo 7:33 min | Power Chrono PoV
Rip lupi os and not the best endboss for me but overall a good run.Extra lupi OS at the end (30s) 7:41 without consumables(pets/turrets).Chrono - Deathly : This PoVChrono - Fennec : is on "break" right now so we......
GW2: Solo Arah P2 [17:37]
Ig: Goku Destroys U | Twitch:
[GW2] Arah p2 Legit Thief Solo
Guild Wars 2, The Ruined City of Arah Path 2, 2x speeded#fulllegit #nostealthskips #lupioffwall #brieburst #luxforpresident▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Player creditsDynamiteboom@ Lux Aeterna In Tenebris [Lux]Abaddon's MouthBasic-Build: http://gw2ski......
GW2 - The Ruined City of Arah P2 [qT] 9:34 min [Restricted]
Mesmer : Mini Black Eternity : : Small Hater : : Double Pistol Op : 1 : Eara Ignigena :
GW2: Solo Arah P2 [19:59]
Ig: Goku Destroys U | Twitch: :Panda Eyes - ColorblindAlan Walker - FadedAlex Skrindo & Stahl! - MomentsAlex Skrindo - JumboDesmeon - HellcatHans Zimmer - Time ft. Satellite Empire (The Machinist Remix)...