GooFlaT for KLWP on s8
New design for KLWP app, enjoy always guys...
GooFlaT v2 for KLWP app
Here you find all you need
KLWP only for Samsung Galaxy S8 ore S8+
Fallow me on G+
S8+ KLWP Theme
Want to make your phone look like the S8+, download it now.....
S8 Assistant Klwp
For S8 & S8+
Pure S8 for Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP)
3 Page Preset for Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP)Files Available Here:
My Setup ❤️ S8 KLWP
Klwp Link
BluHome for Klwp XL adapted for S8/G6
Grab it here 👉
Girls' Frontline Squad 404 KLWP (Made specifically for Galaxy S8/S8+)
This was the first time I attempted a Kustom Live Wallpaper so go easy on me because of how messy the item list is.
Blurred view KLWP in Galaxy s8
Here you can find all my designs...
Klwp Space Echoo for Klwp
This is my first Klwp for Play store ,hope you enjoy it...
3 Nuevos temas "Klwp"para mi S8
music from [NCS] thx Fantasy IUdownload from Play Store.... 2.......Carbono 13 XIUdownload from Play Store....
Ubuntu for KLWP
Tutorial "Ubuntu for Kustom/KLWP"Download link:
Three awesome themes for Samsung Galaxy S8 & LG G6 [Klwp Themes]
Music from here..... is needed?.YOU NEED KLWP PRO .... LAUNCHER ....https://play......
BluisH for KLWP
link de descarga
AssistantHome for KLWP
A 1 page preset for KLWP...
StrikeHome for KLWP
A 3 page preset for KLWP. Automatically resizes to fit ALL phones. Available on the play store:
Skin for Kustom Live Wallpaper app...
ReturnKey for Klwp
🔘Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher 🔘KLWP Pro Key 🔘In nova Settings select wallpaper scrolling ON🔘In Nova and KLWP select 3 pages🔘NavBar on/off in globals 🔘 hide dock Grab it here 👉 remember..... ✔Your phone, y......