Giro + Sacadas | michelle + joachim
Class on giro turning to the right with sacadas.http://www.michelleyjoachim.com"Mañana zarpa un barco" - Demare / Miranda...
Giro + sacadas | michelle + joachim
Workshop at World of Tango Festival in Tampere, Finland. Giro with sacadas.Michelle Marsidi + Joachim Dietiker http://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Back Sacadas + Giro Workshop | michelle + joachim
Demo after workshop about women's and men's back sacadas with giro.http://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Basic Clockwise Giro with Sacadas | michelle + joachim
Workshop at Amigos de Tango Summer Camp 2013 in Tampere, Finland. http://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Giro, Sacadas, Enrosque, Back Sacada | michelle + joachim
Class at Tango Schule Basel. Turn to left with sacadas, enrosque and back sacada. http://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Sacadas | michelle + joachim
Workshop on sacadas at Tango Spirit Festival 2016 at Schloss Basthorst. "Soñemos" - Di Sarli / Floriohttp://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Back sacadas + giro with mini-planeo | michelle + joachim
Improvisation after tango class - beginning giro to the right with sacada and mini-planeo (single axis around the woman), changing direction or with leader's back sacada. http://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Back Sacadas | michelle + joachim
Workshop in Freiburg on Back Sacadas for leader and follower. Figure with leader's back sacada in side step of the follower with small planeo. Follower's back sacada in back step of the leader with giro.http://www.michelleyjoachim.comhttp://www.fac......
Back sacadas | michelle + joachim
"Remolino" - Francini-Pontier / Berónhttp://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Vals 3: Multiple giro with sacadas + crosses | michelle + joachim
Day 3 of our 4-day intensive week on Vals sequences for intermediate level. Giro counterclockwise with sacadas and crosses. Variations with different rhythmic structure for leader and follower. Variation with salida americana. Multiple repetition......
Back sacadas | michelle + joachim
Class review on back sacadas for leader and follower. Melbourne Tango Argentino Festivalito 2013Tango: "Confesion" - Orquesta Tipica Porteñahttp://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Giros & Sacadas | michelle + joachim
Seminar on Giros & Sacadas at the Tango Tage Halle 2016. "La abandoné y no sabía" - Caló / Berónhttp://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Vals 2: Multiple giro with sacadas + crosses | michelle + joachim
Day 2 of our 4-day intensive week on Vals sequences for intermediate level. Giro counterclockwise and clockwise with sacadas and crosses. Multiple repetition of the sequence in cadena/chain.http://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Pivots, Sacadas and Back Sacadas | michelle + joachim
Demo from a workshop at the Aix les Bains Tango Festival on technique for pivots, over-rotaed pivots, sacadas and back sacadas. Combinations with rebounds, changes of direction, planeos. "El amanecer" - Di Sarlihttp://www.michelleyjoachim.comhttps:......
Giro to Right with Sacadas + Cross | michelle + joachim tango
Class: Giro turning to the right with man's sacada in apertura finishing with woman's cross. http://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Back sacadas, Cuarta sacadas, Soltada | michelle + joachim
Workshop at Amigos de Tango Summer Camp 2013 in Tampere, Finland. "Recuerdo" - Pugliesehttp://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Turns with Sacadas | michelle + joachim
From our workshop on Giros with Sacadas, organized by Tangomoon Neuchâtel. http://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Ochos, Sacadas, Giros | michelle + joachim
Workshop on ochos, pivots, sacadas, giros in close embrace. Weekend Tango Alive in Strasbourg, France. "Mi reflexión" - Canaro/Roldán http://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Sacadas and Giros | michelle + joachim
From our "Sacadas, Pivots and More!" seminar at the Catania Tango Festival 2017. "Que te importa que te llores" - Caló http://www.michelleyjoachim.com
Back Sacadas + Cuarta Sacadas Berlin | michelle + joachim tango
Seminario 1 at Tangotanzen macht schön in Berlin: "Combinations with Back Sacadas + Cuarta Sacadas".http://www.michelleyjoachim.com