Golden Greek Tilemahos NEW Rebuildable Part Upgrade
A review and tutorial for the Tilemahos new rebuildable section upgrade or the "Springomizer". This new deck has no screws or other hardware required to mount the coil. It uses a .35 mm stainless steel spring as a permanent coil that can be installed......
GG Tilemahos
GG TilemahosThis is one of the best tank atty systems ever built.Links:FluidVapor (Fluminati)
GG Tilemahos Rebuildable Atomizer from Golden Greek - The Kayfun Killer?
The new GG Tilemahos RBA from Golden Greek. Is this a Kayfun killer? In this video I take a close up look and do a quick build with Japanese cotton. Super easy to build, great flavor and airflow. I bought this at Fluid Vapor:Update: Will hold about 3......
GG Tilemahos Armed part 2
GG Penelope Rebuildable
A look at the Golden Greek Penelope rebuildable atomizer tank. From I purchased this device for my own personal use. My opinions are my own, and so is the way I vape. Be aware that your mileage/experience/luck may vary.T......
GG Tilemahos Base
GG Tilemahos Base for Esterigon.FYI give youtube some time to finish processing my video in HD. Link Fluid Vapor
GG Tilemahos - Kayfun Killer?
My opinion and review of the TILEMAHOS rebuildable tank atomizer by Imeo, sold by FluidVaporI received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions a......
GG Tilemahos Armed Ελληνικα
Tilemahos by GG - unboxing
Tilemahos by GG - unboxingas revisiones en http://www.elmonovapeador.comSi te ha gustado el video ¡Suscribete a mi canal!...
GG Tilemahos Springomizer (german)
Golden Greek bringt einen Selbstwickelverdampfer auf den Markt, den man nicht mehr selber wickeln muss . Das klingt zwar widersprüchlich, ist aber eine absolut verblüffende Innovation! Alle Videos im Überblick:
GG Tilemahos Armed information 1
GG Tilemahos Armed information 2
GG Tilemahos Armed analytic 1
RDTA GG Tilemahos Armed Eagle (TAE)
GG Tilemahos Armed Eagle (TAE) tricks