Fog Volume 3 feature preview: Volume shadows
Demo showing the new capabilities of Fog Volume 3. Release estimated February 2017
Fog Volume 3 feature preview: Distance Fields
Demo showing Fog Volume 3 using distance fields to model gas clouds.Music by myself ;)...
Fog Volume Feature preview: 3D Noise
Early preview of the new incoming feature, 3D Noise.Available at the Asset store thread
Fog Volume 3.2: Proxy Volume preview
In this video we can see how Unity's probe grid is used as light source in Fog VolumeGet the demo:
Fog Volume tutorial 4. Textured Fog: Shadows
In this video we explain how to cast shadows from clouds
Fog Volume 2 update preview
This video shows the improved version of volumetric noise that will be available in Fog Volume 2
Fog Volume 3: Introduction teaser
Available for purchase from versions will be available from my site:
Maya Volume Fog
體積霧 Volume Fog (場景:漢堡警長 John Burger)...
Fog Volume tutorial 3: Textured Fog: Noise
In this chapter we continue working in the scene that we made in the previous tutorial. Initial scene:, we use noise, height gradient and primitives to make a low-height layer of clouds. Finished scene:
Fog Volume 3: Real-time reflections
In this demo we can see how Fog Volume is captured by a reflection probe to perform real-time reflections. Link to the demo .exe:
Volume Preview
I started this level a few weeks ago, it's an extreme demon with ony 1.8 deco.The entire layout was made by gmd me and the rest is going to be decoed by gmd Endnivel....
Redshift Volume & Fog Tutorial
This week we look at how to create atmospheric lighting scenarios with Redshift. First we'll have a look at how to create a light that will affect any volume, then how to create and atmosphere and finally we'll discuss a few different scenarios like......
Fog Volume tutorial 1: Uniform fog
In this video we explain how to create a basic volume. Then we fix the sorting issues with a transparent water plane.Asset available from:, from the developer site:
Birmingham Bassline Volume 3 Preview
Download it from
MOViMENTOLENTO Volume 3 - CD Preview
La nuova Compilation di Tratti sonori (DOS) ! Contiene 15 Tracce di artisti emergenti, tutte in versioni extended!Disponibile su
DIESEL DIARY volume 3 - preview.
“Diesel Diary” volume 3 was released on VHS tape in 1998 and is now available with improved picture quality on DVD. Recorded from 1993 to1997, this one hour video features a wide range of diesel locomotives, many now no longer in regular service, wor......
KEATS//COLLECTIVE Volume 3 Preview
OUT NOW!Download KCV3 here: KEV//BOT, Midnight Runners, Wasted Nights, Capo Blanco, Bib, CROWNS, Vanilla, BOX OF WOLVES, Imprintafter, DINOSAURUS REX, BEAR|FOOT, sloslylove, Maitro, Kaligraph E, FLAN......
Fog Volume tutorial 2: Textured Fog: Gradients
In this chapter we learn to use gradient textures to simulate the color and density of the atmosphere. Then, we enable volumetric shadows and low resolution rendering.Scene: available from: