Final Centry Intro By Blake Brown
Been slammed with work, but I'm making it thought the pile piece by piece. This intro was a theme from a Halo 5 map, and I tried to keep the intro simple, but effective.. as always.Follow me on Twitter out my SH......
Anomaly Intro By Blake Brown
The client was looking for a scarier styled intro, so I went for an eerie dark feel. More intros to come, please stay tuned :DFollow me on Twitter out my SHOP
Exclusive Intro By Blake Brown
Back at it again with trailer ambience sound effects. leave a like and all that good stuffFollow me on Twitter out my SHOP
Narzzo Intro By Blake Brown
Typical mainstream Intro. Reflective modelling with some ambience. Hope you enjoy more to come!Follow me on Twitter out my SHOP
Vibe Intro By Blake Brown
We're creeping up to 10k day by day. I hope you guys are as hype as I am, and I hope you enjoyed this intro. Stay tuned...Follow me on Twitter out my SHOP
Rex intro By Blake Brown
Something a little different than the standard scene model. I hope you enjoy, stay tuned for more intros and Gears content!Follow me on Twitter out my SHOP
Airity Intro By Blake Brown
Handbrake killed the quality of the intro. Still looks somewhat decent. I know the waves aren't "real" looking and the mountain material could have been worked on. But the outcome still looks nice to both em and the client, so uhhh.. hope you all enj......
SASxSH4DOWZ Intro By Blake Brown
It was a pleasure to be able to give Shadowz channel a complete new look. I can't wait to see what kind of GoW4 content he's able to create, and can't wait to see what you guys have to say for the new look over on his channel below!https://www.youtub......
Essence Intro By Blake Brown
YouTube diluted the quality a little, maybe it will get fixed. I've joined EssenceGoW a while back, and its my doing do present the new Ess 2016 Intro, I hope you all enjoy!Follow me on Twitter out my SHOP http:......
Marx Intro By Blake Brown
Pushing through loads of client work. This is for the same guy who purchased the old Gain intro, so I'm glad to present this to him. I hope you all enjoy!Follow me on Twitter out my SHOP
Kaotic X Intro By Blake Brown
First time trying out emitters, I probably should have learned this a long time ago. Sorry for lack of uploads, I just haven't felt like uploading all my work. Get ready for the Christmas sale everyone, it is going on my Sellfy Dec. 20-24th.Client ch......
Phantom Slice Intro By Blake Brown
Working with some image mapping. Graffiti made in photoshop. Hope you enjoyed thank and stay tuned for some updates on a 10k video.Follow me on Twitter out my SHOP
GCOTD 2016 Intro By Blake Brown
I hope you all had a great new years. Here's to my man Pete! This will go along with the up to come Top 20 Clips of 2015. So hype to be able to help out again this year! me on Twitter http://www.twitter.c......
Shadow S16 Intro By Blake Brown
I did a little more complex modelling in this intro. Tried some new illumination effects as well. Hope you enjoy!Follow me on Twitter out my SHOP
Wiecznie Mlodyy Intro By Blake Brown
He loved my old Avive intro, so I decided some recreation would be fun. Like for Old monsty style?Follow me on Twitter out my SHOP
Intro Blake By Pedrin
Caraka MANO valeu pedrin vc e fod# de mais manoCanal Do Pedrin :
4G Intro by Blake
Hey guys please like and comment on this intro for a clan called 4G. PLease leave me your feedback and if you want an intro add my skype: blakecreates...
MJTater Intro By Blake B
uploaded an intro. gonna post a few more today, none of them are anything insane. Working on a lemonadeshot ad. you'll see it soon!Follow me on Twitter out my SHOP
Sentiius Intro By Blake B
The end of this has the zoom transition so itll automatically move into the video without fading to black. I hope you enjoy I've got uploads planned these next 3 days.Follow me on Twitter out my SHOP http://www.......
Capcorn Intro By Blake B
Nope, the popcorn wasn't X-particle or element 3D. Intro for a good friend Calvin & Client through @GamerGFXFollow me on Twitter out my SHOP