DAYZERO [TSAD] End of 2013 Highlights!
Wiping my hard drive, so instead of deleting all the footage, I thought I would smash it all together in a funny montage of stuff that's happened over the last few weeks that I wasn't able to make into a "Squadplay video"Much love to the c......
[DayZero] Squad Highlights
Just a few little clips pieced together to make what i hope will be an enjoyable little video for you guys. if you like leave a like, a comment and even subscribe for future content! :PApologies if the Video stutters at start it was fine when i uploa......
DayZero | Stream Highlights #20
Clips from May 11 - June 3. Hope you enjoy.Music: Ten Walls - Walking with Elephants - - htt......
DayZero | Stream Highlights #18
The last 3-4 weeks clips, hope you enjoy.Featuring:Cast - - - - -
DayZero | Stream Highlights #11
Random kills on my hard drive from the past few weeks, good kills going into a compilation. Sorry about no/lack of audio in some parts and the actual game volume being low (shadowplay bug)Hope you enjoy.
DayZero | Stream Highlights #21
Clips from 01/06/15 - 28/08/15Hope you enjoy. - The BEST mod for DayZFeaturing:Banjo - - - -
DayZero | Stream Highlights #19
Added some music to this one since there wasn't many comms...and stuff...hope you enjoyMusic: atmis - Coat - -
DayZero | Stream Highlights #8
Kills that are left on my hard-drive into a little compilation, lots of CZ kills (i think) this time.Sometimes shadowplay doesn't record or the microphone isn't even on since its pretty buggy in beta right now, go to
DayZero | Stream Highlights #3
A kill I forgot to include which was pretty nice: kills from my streams into a little compilation, nothing special.Any likes appreciated.
DayZero | Stream Highlights #6
Any random kills that I've found over the past few weeks on my hard drive. Hope you enjoy.Any likes appreciated. - The BEST mod for DayZ SquadplayAll......
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2013-2014 End of Year Highlights
A Tribute to the 2013-2014 St. Lawrence University Men's Hockey team.Note : St. Lawrence Men's Hockey/St. Lawrence University does not own the rights to any of the music in this video....
DayZero | Stream Highlights #22
Hi.Featuring:Cast - - - - - -
Stream Highlights: DayZero Mod — Building Fortunes!
DESCRIPTIONTrying out the new patch for the DayZero mod, checking out the awesome new buildings, and finding them oddly inhabited by rather aggressive survivors. Despite them having better weapons, I luckily come out on top, and also, despite......
DayZero | My Character - Part Three | The End
Part 3 - The endHere are the last kills from my killstreak, hope you enjoy, sorry its a long one!Part 1 - 2 -*Quality is bad because it was downloaded from twitch*A......
Highlights: 2013/14 Everton End Of Season Awards
Discover who won what at St George's Hall....
Stream Highlights: DayZero Mod — Zub Castle Assault!
DESCRIPTIONWith the recent changes in the DayZero mod, I thought I'd try it out, and one which interested me was that military loot now spawned in castles, Just between Chernogorsk and Stary, there's Zub, a location I assumed not many even knew about......
DayZero Short: DayZero In A Nutshell
From nothing to everything and back again....