Coach Glossop with Kirsty Palmer
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Lumbopelvic Rhythm with Coach Glossop
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Andrew Papadopoulos With Coach Glossop
Andrew "Pap" Papadopoulos was visiting Perth on the west coast and we had to catch up for a session. It was great fun coaching Pap and putting him through a performance training session. He crushed it, I taught him my ways, put him through his paces......
Movement Mechanics with Coach Glossop
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Coach Glossop With Flavia Assuncao
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Coach Glossop with Cassie Sanghera
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10 Strength Exercises with Coach Glossop
A number of fundamental strength exercises you will see incorporated into my programming.If you can’t tick off the basics, why should you deserve the advanced progressions.Always perfect the basics first!Exercises demonstrated:2.2.X.1 Front squat wit......
Minute Thirty With Clare Billings | Coach Glossop
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Coach Glossop With Jonathan Kumuteo & Timi Anunlopo
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Coach Glossop With Eugene Teo (2/3)
It was a pleasure to help create this video masterpiece for Eugene Teo.If you would like to promote your training business with a video like this to share across your social media platforms email me via info@coachglossop.comYou can see more of my wor......
Spelbound with Rosie Glossop
Heathrow Gymnastics Christmas Display 2013. Simply beautiful and mesmerising! ❤️👏...
Coach Glossop First Month at Velocity Training Club
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‪Jordan Palmer, Quarterback Coach speaks LIVE
Quarterback coach jordan palmer speaks about Clemson Football Team. 2017...
Coaches Corner - Quarterback Coach Jordan Palmer
Don't miss this special episode of "Coaches Corner with Paul Higgins" as Paul sits down for a conversation with former Mission Viejo High School and NFL quarterback Jordan Palmer as he discusses his career and his role as mentor to some of the best q......
Lions coach Glossop - "I'm proud tonight" | Billingham Stars
Sponsored by Liam Senior - Bespoke Financial Teesside. Post-game interview following a comfortable win for the Stars in the league, beating the Nottingham Lions at home. The final score of 8-4.Filmed by Pyro Media - and Cond......
Ski Glossop
Skiing and having fun around Glossop in the Snow...
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