Cheaters Dallas - Kickball Gets Real
Two houses, both utterly without dignity,In fair Tietze, where we lay our scene,From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,Where a found condom wrapper makes civil hands unclean.Upon a kickball field with cameras in tow,A pair of star-cross'd lovers fig......
Cheaters Confrontation| Cheaters | Dallas, Texas| Cheaters TV
Detective Gomez knocks on door and confrontation starts! Busted this guy in the hot tub. Subscribe to channel! Visit
Cheaters | Gomez | Undercover | Dallas | Cheaters TV
Great time going undercover on Cheaters!! Enjoy! Visit
Cheaters TV | Cheaters Confrontations | Dallas | Gable
Another great confrontation going down with Clark Gable lll on Cheaters!...
Cheaters TV | Cheaters Confrontations | Dallas | Gable
Another great confrontation with me and Clark Gable on the move on Cheaters!...
Cheaters TV | Cheaters Confrontations| Dallas | Greco
Another Cheaters Confrontation going down with Joey Greco!...
Cheaters TV | Cheaters Confrontations | Dallas | Greco
Gomez and Greco good times with Joey! Another Cheaters Confrontation going down!...
Cheaters| Dallas | Cheaters TV| Fat Tuesday| Confrontation
Busted this guy on Fat Tuesday. It was a night to remember! Visit
Cheaters Dallas TX BUSTED!!!!!
We were just hanging out havin a drink when cheaters busted a couple while singing karaoke....
Great Moments on Cheaters 1| Cheaters TV| Gomez| Cheaters| Dallas
Sharing some great moments I had on Cheaters! Enjoy! Visit
Please be advised that this video has profanity and adult topics that will be discussed. If you are younger than 18 please get permission from a trusted adult to view this video....
Cheaters | Gomez Undercover as Cat | Cheaters TV | Dallas
Detective Gomez ask like a cat by scratching and uttering "meow" until the cheater open the door. Then it gets CRAZY!! Visit
Cheaters TV | Gomez | Great Moments 2| Cheaters| Dallas
Here are a few episodes where I was involved with different clients! Great times! Great Episodes! Great Action! Visit
Real Madrid = Cheaters
Jimmy Conrad runs down the pro and cons of news stories todayBUY a KICKTV T-shirt! Visit the KICKTV Homepage: us on Twitter: us on Facebook:
Cheaters TV | Food Fight | West Dallas | Cheaters Confrontations| Clip
This guy busted on the west side of Dallas, Texas and food went flying everywhere.Visit
Cheaters Dallas tx !! OT tavern!!
The main fight between the two Dallas OT tavern Wednesday night!!10/11/2012...
Cheater busted eating BBQ| Cheaters | Dallas| Texas| Cheaters TV
Detective Gomez leads our client in a BBQ restaurant in Dallas, Texas. Our client gives the other woman a chance to "make it" out before it gets nasty! Visit
Cheaters confrontation| Victoria's Secret | Cheaters TV | Dallas
This guy was buying panties for another woman at Victoria's Secret. He was supposed to be at work. Panties in his hand. This was a crazy case he was on the wrong side of town. Visit and SUBSCRIBE...