Building Wayland & Weston for Raspberry Pi 2 with the Yocto Project
Building Wayland and Weston 1.8 for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B as part of release 2.0 (Jethro) of Poky, the reference system of the Yocto Project, with hardware graphics acceleration for VideoCore IV through userland drivers and Linux kernel 4.1. Follow......
Yocto Project on Raspberry Pi
Yocto OS on The Raspberry PiBuild Guide: IMG:
Building embedded GNU/Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi using the Yocto Project
Step by step tutorial for building a command line interface image of a custom embedded GNU/Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi 2 using the Yocto Project and Openembedded. Exact steps:
Weston Wayland compositor on Raspberry Pi 3
At 1920x0180 at stock clock rates. Struggling a bit (30hz or so)....
Yocto Project on Raspberry Pi 3
This video will help you to build Yocto Project based for Raspberry Pi 3. Please refer to blog
Yocto Image with Wayland, Weston and Crosswalk for HummingBoard
Short demonstration of a Linux image built with the Yocto Project for HummingBoard-i2eX with Freescale i.MX6 that includes Linux kernel 3.14 LTS, Wayland & Westion version 1.6 and the modern HTML5 web runtime Crosswalk which is based on Chromium and......
32 MB OS for Raspberry Pi 3 | Yocto Project
32 MB yocto project based linux 4.4 os for the raspberry pi.Links:
Raspberry Pi running Yocto image
Raspberry Pi running a sato image created using the Yocto on a "monster" TV....
3D Capabilites of Raspberry Pi 3: Weston/Wayland running glxgears with 250 FPS!!
In this video you see a running weston shell, a xwayland window and glxgears running with 250FPS...
Yocto On Raspberry Pi running OMXPLAYER
Demo video showing h/w accelerated omxplayer running on yocto os.Sample video courtesyBlender Foundation
Maynard (Wayland) en Raspberry Pi 2 -
Video correspondiente a esta guía:
Wayland/Qt Creator development: Raspberry Pi 2
In this video I am deploying apps from Qt Creator to a raspberry pi running a slightly modified version of the qml-compositor wayland example. This allows us to have a nice modern multi process environment on the Raspberry Pi 2 which we can push too......
Example Project: Building a Raspberry Pi Robot with the Romi Chassis
This is an expandable robot platform based on the Romi Chassis, Romi 32U4 Control Board, and a Raspberry Pi. With this platform, the powerful Raspberry Pi can take care of high-level tasks like motion planning, video processing, and network communica......
Qt 5 and Wayland on the Raspberry Pi
qtwayland's qml-compositor running with two Qt applications as clients.Build instructions are here:
Building Google Assistant with Raspberry Pi
In this video I explained step by step process to build your own Google Home Assistant with Raspberry PiHow to Install Raspbian OS and Prepare Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi from Laptop using Remote Desktop C......
Building The Pi Top (Raspberry Pi Laptop
Some Brief Recording/Screen Capture of the process behind building a latptop from scratch.....
Raspberry PI 2 Project - Thermospy
Monitor a digital thermometer using a webcam and a Raspberry Pi....
Raspberry pi 2 Arcade Project
Real size arcade machine for two players I made using a Raspberry pi 2 with emulation station and retropie. I know it has been done several times but here is my take on it. It uses two controllers and the driver can be downloaded from: https://github......
Building Amazon Echo with Raspberry Pi [Part 2]
In this video we will set up SSH, VNC, and install VLC, Node.js, JDK, Maven, and the project code.LinksJDK: code: