Breaking Twinsanity Part 10 | Crashing the Cortex party - YouTube
Taking the Cortex train underground...Playlist:
Breaking Twinsanity Part 5 | The Wrath of Cortex
Picking up right where we left off...Playlist link:
Breaking Twinsanity Part 4 | Cortex controls the Twins!?
What a twist!Playlist:
Breaking Twinsanity Part 6 | Cortex left alone
How much more crazy can this get?Playlist:
Breaking Twinsanity Part 3 | Cortex is missing
Invisible scientists and portal paradoxes, here I come!Playlist:
Breaking Twinsanity Part 2 | Cortex in detention
We're making Twinsanity history here, and I'm not even done yet!Here's a gif:
Breaking Twinsanity Part 12 | Cortex ruins everything
To the top of the world and beyond...Playlist:
Breaking Twinsanity FINALE | Cortex VS the World
The huge adventure strikes to warp you into many different acts full of insanity.Extras: - - - http://w......
Breaking Twinsanity Part 8 | Cortex-assisted Twin Jumps
I'm looking at the game box right now and here are the advertised twin moves:-Twin Slam-Humiliskate-Spank-Twin Throw-RollerbrawlI feel like they forgot to add this one as it increases the depth and replayability of the game by a lot and is totally no......
Breaking Twinsanity Part 11 | Crate on Cortex action
When logic fails, Cortex is the one to blame...Playlist:
My breaking twinsanity, Cortex hates nature?!
I USED CHEATS TO GET INVINCIBLE, MOON JUMP AND CHARACTER MODIFIER.Sorry for the unexpected lag in some parts of the video. I am thinking of making my own kinda franchise for the Breaking Twinsanity thing, if betas happy with that. Special thanks to h......
Breaking Twinsanity EXTRA | Cortex forms chaos
Finishing off unfinished business in different Cortex forms with style!Playlist: used:CTTR - Uranus' Rings ThemeCrash Twinsanity SoundtrackThe Evil Twins Theme METALLIZED by Joni Teppo:
Breaking Twinsanity Part 7 | Cortex plays a minor role
It's so broken, even the recording glitches out!Playlist:
Breaking Twinsanity Part 9 | Skew Cortex in Rockwalk Rumble
It's like a whole new level without actually being a new level! Some explanations:Skews (being at an angle) prevent you from running/sliding sometimes.That Cortex bodyslam clip is a thing now for both slides.Saving/loading from the world crate at the......
Breaking Twinsanity Part 1 | Cortex, you're on fire
Words cannot describe how broken this game is. And yet it's one of my favorites.Playlist:
Breaking Twinsanity SPECIAL | All roads lead to Cortex
All bets are off when anything can be anywhere in this fast paced action packed special of Breaking Twinsanity!Playlist: used is at the end of the video.Marko -
Mecha Cortex - Twinsanity/CB1 Remix - YouTube
Better version (not by me): (Crash Twinsanity) + Cortex (Crash Bandicoot 1)...
Breaking Twinsanity Prelude | Cortex, what are you doing
I love this game.Playlist:
Cortex Twinsanity Slowmotion
From Crash Twinsanity...
Crash Twinsanity (ITA) - Nina Cortex [P.10]
Playlist: in Italiano del videogioco Crash Twinsanity per PlayStation 2 registrato in HD con PCSX2....