Bootleg Zones: Pokemon GO Cards
Pokemon GO the trading card game is probably one of the most pointless card games ever created!http://phelous.com
Bootleg Zones: Pokemon Cards
Bootlegs of earlier Wizard of the Coast era cards and some Pocket Monsters cards with type nonsense, weird G2 Pokemon and over powered twits.http://phelous.com
Bootleg Zones: Pokemon Cards BREAKpoint
Some bootleg Pokémon Breakpoint boosters showed up at a dollar store near me so lets check them out and see how you can tell the difference.http://phelous.com
Bootleg Zones: Pokemon High HP Cards
These Pokemon cards have decided to raise the hit points... JUST A LITTLE!http://phelous.com
Bootleg Zones: Pokemon Pocket Monster Pedigree Cards
Pokemon cards with completely ridiculous names and knock offs that were ambitious enough to try and make their own game. Not well, but they did at least change it up.http://phelous.com
Bootleg Zones: Pokemon Go Figure Set
A Pokemon figurine set branded with GO for no reason and has some really oddly colored Pokemon.http://phelous.com
Bootleg Zones: Monopoly Global Village Pokemon Go
A phony barely Pokemon themed Monopoly from China. It's super cheap but they added an extra zero to the money so that's fancy.http://phelous.com
Bootleg Zones: Prodigy Pet (Pokemon Bootleg)
Pokemon are failure pets get with the Prodigy Pets! Gotta Catch em all: Pikachu... that's it.http://www.phelous.com Released: April 3, 2013...
Bootleg Zones: MarsRobot Go (Star Wars, Pokemon & Transformers KO)
Darth Vader and his friends, Darth Maul, Stromtrooper and C3PO have decided to become Transformers so that they can become the greatest Pokemon Tie Fighter Masters ever!http://phelous.com
Bootleg Pokemon Collectors Cards
Gotta Catch'em all ----------Welcome to Adults Like Toys too, We are an odd ball couple who refuse to grow up. Join us as we open and review, blind bags, surprise eggs, lego and any other random tatt we can get our hands on. Expect grumpiness a ple......
Bootleg Zones VG: Pokemon Strange Gold
A really strange blue Pokemon Gold cartridge that leaves you wondering what the meaning of life is.http://phelous.com Released: April 1, 2014...
Bootleg Zones: Pokemon Generation 1 Lot
An assortment of early bootlegs and knocks including Pokemon Pencils, keychains, watches, cards and really doofy figurines.http://phelous.com
Pokemon go cards
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Pokemon Cards- POKEMON GO NEW 2017 POKEMON CARDS | Fake Pokemon Cards
Today we are opening up something quite interesting! These are Pokemon Go Pokemon Cards, or so the packaging says. Anyways we thought we'd try our hands at some fake Pokemon Cards. Hope you all enjoy the video!★Donate:
Unboxing Bootleg Pokémon GO Cards
I got some bootleg Pokemon GO cards(??) at the discount store so I made an unboxing video.IG @ayyyyyyyj...
Darkzeppelin667's pokemon cards (2 bootleg pokemon cards included)
some pokemon card i put in right orders which is battle pokemon,trainer cards,energy cards and bootleg pokemon cards number of pokemon cards in orders:19 battle pokemon cards4 energy cards 3 trainer cards last one:2 of the worst bootleg pokemon cards......
Bootleg Zones: Mexican Bootleg Turtles
Bootlegs from Mexico!? Total shocker... wait these aren't that bad? Ok, an actual shock.http://phelous.com Released: March 9, 2013...
Fake Pokemon go cards vs real Pokemon cards
Hi everybody today we will be comparing fake Pokemon go cards and real Pokemon TCG cards...