Mythic + 19 Blackrook Hold, patch 7.2 Destruction Warlock PoV
I dced like 20 minutes in where the video cuts out, doesn't last that long though.Watch me live,
WW Monk Blackrook Hold Mythic +6
WW Monk Blackrook Hold Mythic +6...
Blackrook Hold Mythic Guide - Fatboss Bitesize
A Bitesize Guide to Blackrock Hold: Mythic.↓ FOLLOW US ↓✶ Help us grow --✶ Twitch --✶ Twitter --✶ Facebook --✶ Music -......
Mythic +21 Blackrook Hold, Destruction Warlock PoV
Destro does good damage! -- Watch live at
Mythic +16 Blackrook Hold, Affliction Warlock PoV
Nothing special, pretty smooth run practicing for the M+ event while working on my Aff setup. -- Watch live at
Mythic +20 Blackrook Hold, Tyrannical, Destruction Warlock PoV
Very clean run, we've had a bit of practice on this key. Could have 2 chested this. -- Watch live at
Legion - Mythic +8 Blackrook Hold - Arms Warrior PoV
Legion - Mythic +8 Blackrook Hold - Arms Warrior PoVRaging Eruption...
Mythic+ Triple Rogue Blackrook Hold+14 World of Warcraft
Mythic+ Triple Rogue Dark heart Thicket +14 World of WarcraftFollow The Peoples Rogue Stream - I outdps 2 sub rogues in mythic+?Community Discord :
Mythic+15 Blackrook Hold - Resto Druid PoV (2016-11-16)
Mythic+15 - Blackrook HoldAffixes: Overflowing + Sanguine + TyrannicalCompleted on 2016-11-16A few misstakes and some things that could have been done better but with this weeks affixes it wasn't too hard to complete.Quick links to boss fights:1st bo......
Legion DPS Spec Discussion - Mythic Blackrook Hold - Holy Pally POV
Enhancement Shaman, Elemental Shaman, Fire Mage.Vengeance Demon Hunter, Holy Paladin. In this one we talk about Healers doing DPS, this retardedly broken trinket, and Elemental Shaman compared to Enhance!Watch the OneLegionTV Crew Live! http://twitch......
Mythic +21 Blackrook Hold Blood Death Knight POV Patch 7.2.5
Man I fucking HATE it when I almost throw a dungeon on the bats. I really fucking hate them.Donate if you want to help create more content! my UI? or watc......
Mythic Black Rook Hold 19
Mythic Black Rook Hold 19Balance Druid PoVAffixes: Volcanic, Sanguine and Fortified....
Black Rook Hold +19 Mythic Plus | Season 3 | (Shadowpriest PoV)
World of Warcraft Mythicplus Dungeon with point of view from me Hisoky ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Dungeon: Black Rook Hold Keystone level: +19Affixes: Teeming – Quaking – Fortified Date: July 29th 2017-......
Mythic Blackrook Hold +4 - Legion WoW Beta - Unholy DK POV Babyjace
Pretty fun dungeon, I like the skips you can do here.Want my UI? if you want to help create more content! or watch on Twitch:
Legion DPS and Spec Discussion - Blackrook Hold Mythic - Blood DK POV
Blood Death Knife, Discipline Priest, Arms Warrior, Affliction Lock, and Enhancement Shaman. A walk in the life of your average pug player, we discuss pugging in general, as well as the strengths and weaknesses Blood has when undergeared. OneLegionTV......
Mythic Plus 5 Black Rook Hold
Playing retail WoW for the new BFA Expansion on the Area 52 Server!Subscribe to my channel: Guild Kittycat DeathsquadMy character Link -
Blackrook Hold Mythic+ 2 Reverse Boss Order Solo Run in Time
Stream - us on Discord! :)⬇️There is some more Information about Things⬇️| Tweet me :)| Osu Profile -| My Donation......
23 Blackrook Hold 7.3
Raging Necrotic Tyrannical -- Watch live at
Rogue Mythic+ Blackrook Hold +20 2 Chest- World of warcraft 7.3.5
If you want access to our weakauras and UI then please consider supporting us on patreon. Youtube has created a situation over the last few months that makes it really hard to gain from time investment on these guides. All support big or small is ver......