Black Ops 2 Ak74u Challenge Origins
Origins Ak74u Challenge Solo Round 17Play with Ak74u ( wall gun ) and Mauser C96 ( starting pistol ). Play the generator 3 area. Can use speed cola ( in this area ), quick revive and semtex. So haven't other perks, guns, p-a-p, claymores. The good is......
Black Ops 2 Ak74u Challenge Nuketown
Nuketown Ak74u Challenge Solo Round 29Play with Ak74u ( wall gun ) and m1911 ( starting pistol ). Can use claymores, semtexs and p-a-p the guns. About the perks, is fall jugger-nog first after revive, is great. Play this challenge and good funNUKETOW......
AK74u Camping CHAOS in Origins! - Black Ops 2 Zombies Challenge
Things get CHAOTIC when holding the Pack-a-Punch area with nothing but AK74us and Boomhildas! Challenge with subs.Previous video Zombies MP11 Challenge! MP5
ORIGINS CHAOS - AK74u Challenge Generator 3 - Black Ops 2 Zombies by TheRelaxingEnd
Black Ops 2 Zombies Origins challenge gameplay. Holding generator 3 with AK74us and Boomhildas.Click to Subscribe! Channel: h......
Black Ops 2 - Origins - AK74u Pack a Punched (AK74FU2)
This is the AK 74 pack a punched in Origins.Subscribe:
"FU2" | Buried AK74u Challenge | Black Ops 2 Zombies
A short little challenge i did on buried in the church with the AK. Gotta make buried harder somehow :P...
AK74u Generator 3 Challenge in Origins - Black Ops 2 Zombies CoD BO2 - TheRicktness
Holding the AK74u wallbuy by generator 3! Unfortunately, the door leading to the B23R/Semtex area was opened after a misunderstanding but nevertheless we battled on using only the AK74u and Boomhilda.AK74u Buried Church Challenge
THE HUMAN BARRIER - AK74u Challenge EPIC LAST STAND in Origins - Black Ops 2 Zombies
When things don't go accordingly, sometimes only hope is to take extreme measures to survive just a little bit longer!Next challenge challenge challenge
Black Ops Ak74u Challenge Kino Der Toten
Ak74u Challenge Solo Round 18 - 26. Use weapon m1911 pistol and wallgun ak74u, can upgrade for kill the zombies easy. To my 3th down i take ray gun ( upgrade ) because the round 25+ is difficult to kill zombies with ak74u. I hope to like this challen......
Origins "Mnesia" challenge- Black Ops 2 Zombies
M14 Challenge on Origins. Basically an easier first room challenge. Clearly I didnt make it that much easier :')If you guys did enjoy the video please leave a like rating it is much appreciated!!Follow me on Twitter:
Origins: 115 Challenge (Black Ops 2 Zombies)
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Black Ops AK74u KillFeed
Black Ops AK74u KillFeed, probably one of the first recorded!Player: & watch in 720pTommy...
Black Ops AK74u Challenge Call Of The Dead
Call Of The Dead AK74u Challenge Solo Round 15 - 26Play with AK74u, claymores for help and semtexs if you want. I don't open the 2 doors for this area, i go from behind side (sleight of hand perk) for AK74u area.AK74U CHALLENGES:KINO DER TOTEN --- ht......
Black Ops 2 | Origins
Ciao a tutti ragazzi sono BannaxTV ed eccomi in questo nuovo video su Origins, la mappa zombie del nuovo pacchetto mappa Apocalypse di Black Ops 2. Bene in questo video vi farò vedere un pò com'è strutturata la Mappa. Vi farò vedere dove si trovano i......
NEW BLACK OPS 3 AK74u GAMEPLAY! - BLACK OPS 3 “AK74u" DLC WEAPON GAMEPLAY! NEW BLACK OPS 3 DLC WEAPON GAMEPLAY!★ Get Free Black Ops 3 DLC Weapons! - 1 LIKE = 1 FREE DLC WEAPONNEW Black Ops 3 AK74u Gameplay - Black Ops 3 DLC......
Black Ops 2 - ORIGINS
Black Ops 2 - ORIGINS
Origins Two Box Challenge! (Black Ops 2 Zombies)
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AK74u Challenge in Nuketown Zombies w Subscribers - Black Ops 2 Zombies
Holding the truck with the AK74u and M1911. Another attempt soon.AK74u Hard As Nails to Subscribe! Livestreams Game Capture (What I use) http:......
Origins "No Panzer Challenge" (Black Ops 2 Zombies)
Rules of the NO PANZER CHALLENGE: can not open up to "No Man's Land" this means no Jugg, Wonderfizz, Staffs, PaP, Shield, Drone, etc... Enjoy :) ►For business inquiries:►Subscribe: