Battlefield 4 - Denuncia Hacker -wL-Fernandes-_l
Por três vezes dei respaw no heli, matava o do inimigo e com 100 de HP meu veiculo simplesmente explodia, e não mostrava pra quem eu morria simplesmente era "eliminado em combate", eis que o autor se manifestou e "nunca ouviu falar em UCAV?" Ok, até......
Denuncia Hacker #4-
Bane ele!!!!!...
Denuncia a Jugadores que usan Hack (hacker en battlefield 4)
Report: aqui:
Battlefield 4 Hacker
His/It name on BL : Net_Manak Battlereport:
Battlefield 4 HACKER
wallhack multihack aimbot...
Battlefield 4 hacker
名前 mag215yレティクルを合わせる位置が不自然なのと、aim が急に飛んでるのがわかります。(wall hack,aimbot使用と思われます)...
Battlefield 4 Hacker vs Hacker
Battlefield 4 Hacker vs HackerMilanTersic vs Xtreme2010_v7noob vs noob...
Hacker x Hacker Battlefield 4
CrossFire A L Denuncia de hacker
Denunia de hacker feita pelo osvaldo ! Link da conta : do replay : a reporta essas pessoa que usão hack . OOBG....
Battlefield 4 hacker - Q2065806383
Denuncia hacker
Arqueira kyoko Atalanta Bruuh Midranda Assume que usa Ferramentas...
Battlefield 4 - Insane Hacker!!!!
So I was having a pretty good game and then BAM here comes the greatest player i have ever seen in my life. So I just sat in game and witnessed god himself playing BF4. Enjoy!Battle Report:
Battlefield 4 Ps4 Hacker?
Hi and welcome today i saw something that didn't make sense the guy kills me using zunis and he has tows missiles but he locks on with what appears to be heatseekers when i go into battle with him after he killed me he didn't die so let me no what yo......
Battlefield 4 hacker - leloslekos
New cheat is incoming but he didn't want to show more from it :(His profile:
Hacker Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 Locker hacker
I got killed by him in a rare mode. I joined as spectator and recorded him , he know where is every enemy in the map ....
Battlefield 4: Hacker exposed
Caught this kid hacking. Wanted to make the video quick so I didn't edit it...