Ask Katie Fleming Answers #3
Answering fans questions in round 3 of the Ask Katie series!TR 2013 Review: me on Twitter:
Ask Katie Fleming #3
Ways to send questions:- E-mail Twitter @Katie_Fleming- Video .mp4, .avi, .wmv- Audio .mp3, .wavFollow me on Twitter:
Ask question get answers 3
Ask question get answers 3Lucy Hinman...
Ask me ! [Katie]
Hi guys ! Today you can start write the questions for my new serie "Ask Katie" ! You can write so many questions and I am gonna try to get them all in the video ;)song : :
Ask Match Answers
Yay it's out earlyBfb by jacknjellify...
Ask Taco Answers!
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Ask uolliaC Answers
here as some of your answers aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
Ask Bubble Answers!
Up next: Ask Balloon!...
Ask Firey Answers!
Hi guys Lego is next so leave your questions in the comments!...
Ask Pin Answers!
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Ask Dinky [Answers] (Ask Again!)
The answers to the current questions asked to Dinky Hooves! Ask me more questions if you'd like and I'll make another video~! (Sorry for the background noise, I dunno how that got in there ^^")Thanks!! (Art by me :3 I just re-used some pics mostly :3......
Ask Taylor - (Answers)
The long awaited answers video...
Ask Coiny Answers!
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Ask Candy Answers!
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Ask Blackhole Answers
Sorry for whats happening about who's getting asked questions next.Order: Match, Cake, Ice Cube.So don't ask about suggesting characters until after Ice Cube's...
Ask Puffball Answers!
If you heard the dogs barking, sorry.(Recorded with
Ask Woody Answers!
Thanks to the boatload of questions, Ask Woody is here!(Recorded with