Analogue computer: Lorenz attractor 2
Another Lorenz Attractor on my analogue computer. This one has 0.001uF caps on the integrators so spins around fast enough to show its butterfly-like tendencies.More info -
Lorenz Attractor
300 000 independent particles move in a velocity field of Lorenz system:
Lorenz Attractor
Lorenz Attractor...
lorenz attractor
Lab 1 2018 Lorenz attractor with FPGA hardware solver controlled by ARM9 HPS on Cyclone5 (Intel/Altera). The solution rate was slowed down for display. By: Brian Clark, Eldar Slobodyan, Alex Wong
Lorenz Attractor
Lorenz Attractor Simulation implemented in Python (Matplotlib) by me.Help us caption & translate this video!
Lorenz Attractor
Coupled three differential equations are solved numerically.Wikipedia
Lorenz Attractor simulation
Music: The Other Side of the Door, Kevin MacLeod ( with C++ & OpenGL. In 1963, Edward Lorenz developed a simplified mathematical model for atmospheric convection. The model is a system of three ordinary differential equati......
Lorenz Attractor (Version 2)
Lorenz Attractor 3d Animated plotting in Python (Matplotlib) programmed by me. This version plots dots on the current positions.Help us caption & translate this video!
Lorenz Attractor Demo
Chris builds and demos a random Lorenz Attractor pattern generator and displays the output on an X/Y oscilloscope....
Lorenz Attractor Simulation
Animated 3D illustration of the Lorenz Attractor, modeled with five thousand spheres, using the classic parameter set. The positions of the spheres represent the iterates of the Lorenz equations. The color changes from cool blue to warm orange based......
Lorenz Attractor Simulation
This is a simulation of the Lorenz attractor solved using RK 4 showing two curves starting at near identical initial position. Additionally, the distance between the two curves is shown. Note that the curves are identical for the first 20 seconds, bu......
Lorenz Attractor - Shadow Fax
Lorenz Attractor - Shadow FaxLorenz Attractor ‎-- Phaze Transition EPLabel:Zero Tolerance Records London -- ZTR002Format:Vinyl, 12", EP, 33 ⅓ RPMCountry:UKReleased:1996Genre:ElectronicStyle:Hardcore, Techno, Experimental...
Lorenz attractor dynamics solved using an analog computer
Lorenz system of nonlinear differential equations implemented using an analog computer (i.e., analog electronic circuits via the Comdyna GP-6). Showing y vs x followed by the z vs x trajectories (fast and slow)....
Lorenz Attractor in Matlab
Couldn't find my original Code so made another Video with code here:
Lorenz Attractor - Complexity Crisis
Lorenz Attractor - Complexity Crisis - Praxis [1995] What industrial hardcore should be. Dark, hard, an audio representation of a dystopian future... This is the shit!...
Sound of Lorenz Attractor
make a strange attractor sounddetail (in Japanese) :
Lorenz strange attractor animation
An animation of the lorenz strange attractor, made with chaoscope, ani4chaoscope and virtualdub....
LibGDX 3D Lorenz Attractor
Here's a three dimensional visual solution to the Lorenz Equation in Java that started the whole "Butterfly Effect" media hype. We can see the real reason the term butterfly was first used by him.The fraps quality is a bummer, because without it the......
Lorenz Attractor - GeeXLab demo
Short visualization of the trajectory of a point following Lorenz simplified equations. Demo coded with GeeXLab (GLSL Hacker). -