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Joined GWK! Special thanks to @LucidGWK for editing this for me. Be on the look out for me & Fuzions GWK dual introducing!
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Joined GWK! thanks to Mezy, Collide and Skizz :) Editor ( Kibs ) me: to me
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Not exactly the best of luck. If you don't know who GWK are, we're an MW2 only team with a bunch of former SoaR & FaZe & other MW2 people, you'll recognise some names on the roster. It's lead by former SoaR Above (founder of SoaR). We also don't use......
Best GWK.
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hitmarkers/leftoverssong - - -
GWK!!! in by:
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joined GWK with a bunch of other 2011-2012 legends and thought I'd upload some clips n shitRead more --GWK: me:
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joined GWK. thanks to Avian for the chance in gwk and thanks to tanzer for the edit.My Twitter: :
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Well as many of you know eRa ended so I decided to help start a new team with a bunch of old legends. Subscribe to GWK and follow @TeamGWKs to stay updated. TEAM GWK: GWK will not allow setup clips or any eb bullshit. Subscribe......
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Feels good to have fun playing CoD again haha. Some cool dudes in GWK.Thanks to for the edit...
Introducing TnzR GWK & Marko GWK!
SMASH the LIKE button for this CRAZY dual episode from Marko & TnzR!GWK Cams #2: "Show more" for more details!Tanzer:
Bazze GWK
old times...
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I joined GWK so I thought I would upload a little something! Hope you enjoy! Shout out to Goblin for editing this as well, he will be below.Goblin : YouTube:
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Let's smash 150 Likes? GWK is a clan that plays for fun and doesn't fake nor setup clips. Look out for our first upload called "The Legends Return"!Song: Fortuna Family - Take Me Away Editor: Reff
If you can count to 3 then you can hit the thumbs up button. I hope.Player -
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so i actually managed to hit a good non modded clip. zeltage is still happening...
Sick Distance GWK! :)
Sick distance gwk i just hit 15mins ago :DJust a friendly reminder to like & comment if u enjoyed because it keeps me so motivated and helps spread the word:) Thanks...